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Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

What is phased array equipment?

Phased array equipment provides accurate measurements and the most reliable results. Our phased array ultrasonic flaw detector generates accurate, detailed cross-sectional images of internal structures at fast inspection speeds.

How do ultrasonic phased-array probes work?

Phased array devices are typically used in industrial environments to provide highly accurate information during ultrasonic testing. Phased arrays can be used for a variety of different inspection tasks and applications. A typical application is flaw detection, where tests include weld inspection, thickness analysis, bond testing and crack detection. Phased-array ultrasonic inspection machine technology uses multiple ultrasonic elements and electronic time delays to create the beam. While conventional ultrasonic transducers typically consist of single or paired elements for transmitting and receiving, phased-array ultrasonic testers can contain hundreds of elements, each of which can be pulsed individually. This means that the beam from a phased array probe can be electronically controlled, scanned, scanned and focused for fast inspection, full data storage, and multi-angle detection. ZKCX has the leading manufacturing technology of phased array equipment, here we mainly introduce phased array ultrasonic flaw detectors, learn more.

What is a phased array ultrasonic flaw detector?

The phased array ultrasonic flaw detector is a full-featured phased array inspection instrument that displays multiple ultrasonic cross-section images to produce accurate measurement results. Phased array inspection uses a multi-element probe to scan components at a faster rate than conventional ultrasound. In addition to phased array capabilities and dual-channel TOFD probes, it supports the latest inspection technologies such as total focus method imaging (TFM) and full matrix capture (FMC) data acquisition, providing a greater probability of detection for smaller defects.

What are phased array ultrasonic flaw detectors used for?

Ultrasonic flaw detection can potentially be applied to any standard engineering material to find hidden cracks, voids, porosity, inclusions and similar discontinuities. While most tests involve steel and other structural metals, flaw detectors can also be used on plastics, composites, fiberglass and ceramics.

The phased array ultrasonic flaw detector is widely used in manufacturing, steel metallurgy, metal processing industry, chemical industry and other fields requiring defect detection and quality control, and is also widely used in aerospace, railroad transportation, boiler pressure vessel and other fields for an in-service safety inspection and life assessment. It is a must for the non-destructive testing industry.

Therefore, phased array ultrasonic testing has many advantages and can be used in a variety of applications and industries. As a non-destructive testing method, it is more reliable, more efficient and faster than many other methods such as radiographic testing. We offer a wide range of phased array ultrasonic flaw detectors that provide end-users with unmatched flexibility and performance in the field of non-destructive testing. 


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