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Ultrasonic automatic testing equipment of CBUT series high-pressure gas cylinder

Ultrasonic automatic testing equipment of CBUT series high-pressure gas cylinder

Application area

◆ Transportation, chemical industry, fire fighting, petroleum, shipbuilding, energy, urban construction, industrial pressure cylinders

◆ Automatic testing equipment for aluminum bottles and products of transporting bottle and can 

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Detection process

Carry out two-way (longitudinal and transverse) ultrasonic flaw detection on the straight section of the gas cylinder, automatically detect internal and external surface also internal longitudinal and transverse defects, and automatically detect the wall thickness of the steel cylinder.

Detection standard

◆ Instrument parameters: Meet the European standard (EN12668-1), and the factory inspection is according to this standard, the European standard inspection certificate can be provided at the same time;

◆ Detection speed (repetition frequency): the detection linear speed is up to 60m/min (the technical index closely related to the detection speed is the repetition frequency, the current repetition frequency can reach 5KHZ);

◆ Channel independence: The channels are strictly independent, each channel has its own independent emission and reception timing control;

◆ Instrument scalability: The number of channels can be expanded according to the actual needs of the user, such as when detection or meeting higher detection standards when additional channels are needed;

◆ The instrument adopts modular design, maintenance is convenient and quick

◆ Image display of C-scan thickness measurement, the thickness measurement display can be at least 64 or more gradations, and the circumferential and axial thickness distribution can be obtained at the same time, and the thickness measurement accuracy is 0.1mm;

◆ Mechanical design, processing, installation and debugging: experienced mechanical design team, trustworthy collaborative processing unit, standardized management of assembly and debugging, accumulated rich experience in similar projects, well-known brand of matching outsourcing parts;

◆ Control part: using domestic and foreign well-known brand components, the control program is in accordance with the beat of customer's production line, fully protecting the safety of personnel and equipment, and the operation is humanized. The OP operation terminal displays the operation status and fault information.

System software (function description and interface display)

1.Two-dimensional display of the tiled effect picture of the pipe by C-scan

2.The thin point is accurately positioned, and the thickness value of each point on the two-dimensional map can be calculated, which is convenient for analyzing the process condition of the pipe

3.After the sample pipe calibration is completed, the relevant parameters can be stored in the industrial computer for use when the same specification is tested next time.


The form of mechanical structure

◆ Gantry beam type (traditional type)

◆ It can also be customized according to the specific requirements of the user on site

Technical key points

Integration of defect detection and wall thickness measurement

The unique water bag technology is customized for the wall thickness of the gas cylinder pipe to minimize the detection blind zone.

The whole process of flaw detection data is recorded, and is traceable.

The flaw detection process parameters can be stored and recalled. Convenient for assembly line production.

Technical specifications

Material: Steel products


The wall thickness:4.0~26mm

Length of the straight section:450~2000mm

Detected area: straight section


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