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Phased array ultrasonic automatic testing equipment for special plate

Phased array ultrasonic automatic testing equipment for special plate

Application area

Mainly used for bonding detection of high-speed rail floor honeycomb panels to determine whether the bonding is firm. The surface of the honeycomb panel is covered with a layer of flat plates, and the inside is a vertical hexagonal honeycomb structure. Extended application to high value-added flat steel plates, titanium plates, carbon fiber plates, etc.; or detection of materials with flat exterior and anisotropic interior


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Detection process

Probe stepping comb scanning to detect the bonding situation of honeycomb panel between the horizontal layer and vertical layer

Detection standard


The form of mechanical structure

Gantry walking type

System software(function description, interface display)

1. Full information record the waveform of each pixel, which is convenient for troubleshooting  in the analysis software

2. The defect area is identified automatically after the detection.

3. Automatically adjust the amplitude of bottom wave, calibrate the bottom wave to the same horizontal line through compensation.

4. Automatically calibrate the chip quality

5. In the process of automatic testing, the system will automatically generate an audible and visual alarm when it detects defects or delamination and poor coupling in thickness measurement.




Technical advantages

→Special imaging algorithm to ensure the imaging of complex internal structure’s workpiece

→Unique area evaluation function, which can effectively screen defective products

→The system uses16/128 multi-channel phased array instruments, with 128 linear array high-resolution self-focusing probes, which can easily identify the internal ribs of the workpiece.

→Fast detection speed, flexible focusing, intuitive and easy-to-understand imaging method, especially suitable for the evaluation of defects of internal special-shaped materials.

→Workpiece automatic flip function, more scientific detection.


Technical Specifications

5000mm(length)×3000mm(width)×50mm(thickness: the thickness of the aluminum alloy plate is 3mm)

Imaging Accuracy:max1mm/p


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