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Ultrasonic automatic testing equipment for bar by wireless transmission rotary probe

Ultrasonic automatic testing equipment for bar by wireless transmission rotary probe (A-type pulse reflection method)

Application area

Various of small and medium diameter bars

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Detection process


Detection Standard

System software(Function description and interface display)

1.Real-time tracking technology reduces misdiagnosis caused by shaking

2. DAC real-time compensation for the sensitivity attenuation caused by large wall thickness when tracking and floating.

3.Realize marking point-to-point through integrated calculation, and control marking error well.

4.The automatic detection results can be stored and printed, and the detection records (detection curves and related data) can be stored on the storage medium. The industrial computer could permanently store the continuous detection records. When the test results need to be modified, password authorization was needed.

 5.Instantly display the quantity of genuine products and rejects on the screen of flaw detector.



The form of mechanical structure

The steel pipe is conveyed in a straight line, the ultrasonic probe rotates around the steel pipe circumferentially, and the eddy current adopts the through-out type coil testing method.

Technology key point

1.Main functions

(1) Full Chinese interface, convenient and simple to operate;

(2)The configuration parameters of each channel (system gain, scanning range, delay, working method, detection method, channel phase and gate parameters, etc.)can be adjusted independently, and can be saved separately, and the waveform of each channel can be recalled. It can be independently amplified and displayed for one channel, or simultaneous display of all channels;

(3)The detection result is displayed as a strip chart, which is intuitive and easy to understand and can be printed directly;

(4)During the detection process, the defect can realize the peak envelope display;

(5)Automatic gain compensation is available;

(6)Flaw detection results are automatically stored.;

(7)Audible and visual alarms are realized and output to the label sprayer. The input and output ports of the system are 8 channels each to meet the needs of different occasions;

(8)The detection results of full information records can be analyzed and evaluated offline, and the detection report, detection result statistical report and unqualified product statistics of current team can be output; query, playback, and data storage are available.

(9)Data exchange based on industrial control computer management and industrial Ethernet

2.Equipment features


→ The instrument adopts a modular structure, every four channels as a module, with compact structure, strong interchangeability and strong expandability;

→ It has vertical incidence and oblique incidence of high-density ultrasonic pulses simultaneously, achieving 100% cross-sectional sound beam coverage, detecting defects at any position, and ensuring the consistency of circumferential sensitivity;

→  Conversion module of special probe signal cable, quick probe replacement;

→ The instrument is directly embedded in the rotating mechanism, so that the probe connection line is the shortest, and the detection signal fidelity effect is good;

→ The communication between the instrument and the external computer adopts the latest modulation and demodulation technology, which has the advantages of both wireless and wired, and the detection effect is superior;


→ Double-layer shielding in structural design and process, strong anti-interference ability;

→ High repetition frequency and fast detection speed;

→ Instrument technical performance index meet the national standards and European standards.



→ Multiple protection measures, with waterproof, rust-proof, dust-proof, anti-collision and other functions, durability is strong;

→ The acoustic signal adopts a closed rotary wireless coupling method, which effectively improves the stability of the circumferential sensitivity, the probe does not touch the workpiece, there is no wear, and the equipment has a long service life.

Technology specifications

(1)Detection method: Probe rotating and water immersion method

(2)Applicable workpiece: Various of small and medium diameter bars

(3)Applicable pipe diameter range: Φ14mm(Min)~Φ460mm

        Type I:Φ14mm(Min)~Φ114mm

        Type II:Φ50mm~Φ150mm

        Type III:Φ100mm~Φ219mm

(4)Speed of flaw detection: 20m/min~80 m/min continuously adjustable

(5)Detection channels: 4~32 channels (expandable)

(6)Detection function: longitudinal, transverse, oblique, delamination, thickness measurement

(7)Executive standard: Meet or exceed national standards, industry standards, corporate standards, ISO standards, ASTM standards, EN standards and so on.

(8)Signal to noise ratio: ≥8dB

(9) Circumferential sensitivity difference: ≤2dB

(10)Misdiagnosis rate:≤2%

(11)Omissive judgement rate:0%

(12)Blind zone of pipe end: ≤50㎜

(13)Stability (16 hours long time running): Signal to noise ratio, Fluctuation of circumferential sensitivity difference : ≤2dB

(14) Water consumption: 70L/h(0.25MPa、can be recycled)


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