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Phased array ultrasonic automatic testing equipment for bars

Phased array ultrasonic automatic testing equipment for bars (Phased array testing system for small diameter seamless steel pipe)

Application area

It is applied to the automatic detection of high value-added medium and small diameter pipes and bars, using electronic scanning to replace mechanical actions, reducing disturbance factors in the detection process, improving detection stability and accuracy, and comprehensively replacing various conventional ultrasonic detection methods.

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Detection process

The steel pipe advances in a straight line, and the multi-piece phased array probe is circled in the circumferential direction, and using electronic scanning to proceed the high-density sound beam incidence on the circumferential direction. A variety of focusing laws can be configured. Such as 0° longitudinal wave (partitionable) for core detection, and subsurface transverse wave detection (two-way).

Detection standard

GB/T 4162-2008《Ultrasonic testing method for forged steel bars》

GB/T8361-2008《Ultrasonic flaw detection method for cold drawn round steel surface》

System software(functional description and interface display)

          Phased Array Bar 1

          Phased Array Bar 2 

1. The software automatically calibrates the quality of the chip

2.  The software realizes angle compensation, which can effectively eliminate the problems caused by inconsistent sensitivity between chips

3.The software’s implementation of the TCG function can effectively solve the attenuation caused by excessive scope

4. After the sample pipe calibration is completed, the relevant parameters can be stored in the industrial computer for use when the same specification is tested next time.


The form of mechanical structure

The bar is conveyed in a straight line, and the probe rotates around the bar circumferentially for flaw detection.

Technical key points

Simple structure

Fully phased array technology for ultrasonic testing of seamless pipes and bars. The annular concave-array probe can cover the seamless pipes and bars with full circumferential sound beams. The use of electronic sound beam rotation instead of mechanical sound beam rotation can greatly improve system stability and equipment service life.


Phased array imaging inspection can have B scan, D scan, S scan and C scan at the same time, and can build three-dimensional graphics and display defect images through modeling.

Easy to operate

Cooperating with electronic angle deflection, the angle is adjusted by software, and it is easy to change specifications and debug, fully meet the seamless pipe and bar detection standards, reduce mechanical design requirements, reduce debugging time, and improve production efficiency.

More flexible

The phased array can perform dynamic focusing of the sound beam, the focus depth is continuously adjustable, flexible and convenient, and the sensitivity and resolution are greatly improved.

Technology specifications

→Pipe (seamless pipe and welded pipe)/bar:φ8~40mm

→Production speed:5~25m/min

→Signal to noise raito:≥10dB

→Stability:≤2dB(within 8 hours)

→Omissive judgement rate:0,misdiagnosis rate:≤1%

→Marking accuracy:±25mm

→Meet various related standards such as GB/T4162、ASTM E213、ISO10893、 YS/T 874、 GB/T2965、 GB/T5193、 GB/T 12969.


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