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  • HS 810 TOFD flaw detector

HS 810 TOFD flaw detector

HS 810 is a TOFD inspection instrument developed based on the ultrasonic time of flight diffraction method.

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HS 810 is a TOFD inspection instrument developed based on the ultrasonic time of flight diffraction method. It is currently the main instrument for obtaining certification (the TOFD II level personnel qualification training and assessment model for special industries in China). It can support 3 pairs of TOFD flaw detection channels and can be configured with 3 pairs of TOFD probes ( Extensible), it supports one-time full-coverage scanning of workpieces with a thickness of 12mm-200mm. The detection rate of defects in the middle of flat or butt welds is very high, it is easy to detect defects with poor directionality, and defects extending to the surface can be identified.

→ Integrate A-scan, B-scan imaging, TOFD imaging, guided wave imaging in one device.

→ Unique Synthetic Aperture Focusing (SAFT) technology

→ Built-in on-site inspection process model, automatically generate inspection process

→ Portable scanners and automatic scanning devices replace manual scanning to meet the inspection requirements of various workpieces

→ A-scan: RF display improves the ability of the instrument to evaluate defect modes in materials

→ B-scan imaging: real time display of defect section shape

→ TOFD scanning image: real-time display of gray scanning image of defects, visual display of defects and evaluation of defect quality

→ Multi-channel TOFD inspection and PE inspection fully cover the area scanning within 200mm thickness, which can be expanded to 400mm thickness.

→ Straight-through wave removal: special processing tool for near-surface defects to improve the accuracy of near-surface defect analysis

→ Horizontal and vertical adjustment: meet different field operation habits

SAFT: Internationally recognized function to effectively improve the accuracy of defect measurement

→ Instrument software: equiped with SAFT function, Lateral wave Straighten and Removal function

→ Off-line analysis software: equipped with SAFT (Synthetic Aperture Focus) processing function, equipped with the same screen contrast display function before and after image processing, which also equipped with the function of directly converting TOFD images into BMP bitmaps

→ Offline record analysis: recovery and playback of A-scan waveform recorded during scanning; Statistical analysis of defect size and height/ depth / amplitude data; Record conversion to ASCII / msword / MS Excel format report

Transmit parameters

Pulse patternNegative square wave pulse
Pulse leading edge<10 ns
Pulse width40ns-1000ns Continuous adjustable (8ns increment)
Impedance matching25Ω、500Ω
Probes can be connected at the same time10

Receiving parameters

Sampling frequency / bits125MHZ/12bits
Sampling depth512/1024 adjustable
Repetition frequency100Hz-800Hz adjustable
Attenuator accuracy<1dB/12dB
Equivalent input noise<60nV/√Hz
Scan rangeZero interface incident -14000mm steel longitudinal wave
Sound speed velocity(300-20000) m/s
Dynamic Range≥30dB
Vertical linearity error≤3%
Horizontal linearity error≤0.3%

Comprehensive performance

Surplus sensitivity>52dB (Φ2×200mm)
Detection modeFull wave, Negative or Positive half wave, RF wave
Waveform averaging1-8 adjustable
Imaging modeA-scan, B-scan, C-scan
Linear scanning length(0 - 40000) mm Auto-scroll

Instrument parameters

Instrument size248×180×80 (mm)
Instrument weight2.4kg (including battery)
Screen size6.5"
Display resolution640×480
Man-machine interactivekeyboard, shuttle mode
Power supply /  batteryDC (DC12V/2A)
Battery: 11.1V/6600mAH
Solid state drives8 GB
InterfaceLAN, USB2.0, VGA
Ambient temperature(-10-40)°C (reference value)
Relation humidity(20 - 95) %RH
Delivery inspectionProvide European standard inspection report


Boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines and various butt welds


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