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Welding detection of gears and differentials

Welding detection of gears and differentials

Application area

Automobile parts


Sound field testing

Complex workpiece on surface

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Detection process

Adopting the ultrasonic reflection method, the gear rotates in place, and the probe is driven by the manipulator to go deep into the gear hole to detect the corresponding depth of the weld.

Detection standard


System software (function description and interface display)


The form of mechanical structure

Robot detection

Technical key points

Meet the EU standard (EN12688-1), and the factory inspection is according to this standard, the European standard inspection certificate can be provided at the same time

It has strong versatility and can rely on the manipulator to detect various complex workpieces.

With full automatic detection and screening functions.

With unattended function.

It can be connected with the factory production management system to upload detection data and equipment status.

Technical specifications

Production speed:40S/piece

Omissive detection rate:0

Misdiagnosis rate:《1%

Signal to noise ratio:》8dB

Equipment stability:After 8 hours of continuous operation《2dB

Locationing accuracy 0.01mm


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