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Small type C-scan automatic detection equipment

Small type C-scan automatic detection equipment (including sound field test)

Application area

It is suitable for the three-dimensional sound field related detection and experiment of the transducer by universities, research or detection institutions. The system interface is open, and it can carry out secondary development to realize a variety of research tests.

Water immersion imaging scan of special parts, non-destructive quality assessment.


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Detection process

Adopt the full water immersion method, cooperate with the focus probe, the workpiece is placed in the sink, and the probe performs step scan

Detection standard


System software (function description and interface display)

1.1:1 Accurately restore the shape and defect size of the detected workpiece.

2. The zoom in and zoom out function can clearly show the edge state of the defect

3. The water layer straightening function is adopted to eliminate the cumulative error caused by the control system walking back and forth

4. B, D scan are convenient for viewing any XY axis cross-sectional picture.


The form of mechanical structure

Multi-coordinate motion axis + sink

Technical key points

→Powerful functions, with full information recording function, can have B-scan, C-scan and D-scan functions at the same time, capable of real-time three-dimensional imaging of the transducer sound field.

→High precision, five-axis motion controller combined with high-precision linear module, X, Y, Z three-axis motion accuracy and repetition accuracy can reach 0.1mm, and the pitch and rotation motion accuracy of the transducer can reach 0.1°.

→More flexible The mechanical structure can be customized according to requirements, or replace the five-axis linear module with a manipulator. The software provides multiple interface functions to facilitate secondary development and realize multiple scientific research tests.

Technical specifications

→XYZ axis (customizable):

X axis travel:400mm

Y axis travel:500mm

Z axis travel:450mm

Locationing accuracy:0.1mm/m

Maximum travel speed:50mm/s


Repetition locationing accuracy:0.1mm

→AB axis:

A axis travel:± 90°

B axis travel:± 45°

Motion speed:10°/s

Motion accuracy:0.1°

Resolution accuracy:0.1°

Repetition accuracy:0.1°


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