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  • Rim detection

Rim detection

Rim detection

Application area

Various rim/wheel set production bases and maintenance bases

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Detection process

The gantry structure is adopted and combined with the ultrasonic water film method to perform ultrasonic detection of the rim tread. The rim is input into the flaw detector from the track below, the probe holder drops, and the rim leaves the flaw detector after rotates one circle.

Detection standards

EN 12668-2 《Non-destructive testing-characteristics and certification of ultrasonic inspection equipment》

GB/T10061-1999《General technical requirements for A-type pulse reflection ultrasonic flaw detector》

Railway General Transport (2013) No191《Railway train wheel axle's assembly, maintenance and management rules》

《Automatic ultrasonic flaw detection of railway train wheel rim》

Testing method of probe performance for ultrasonic flaw detection

Quality inspection rules for electronic measuring instruments

System software (function description and interface display)

Rim 1

Rim 2

The form of mechanical structure


It adopts gantry type and matches the ground track. The probe holder can move freely left and right to adapt to rims with different gauges.

Technical key points

The flaw detector is digitalized, modularized, with strong interchangeability and scalability, which is convenient for maintenance;

—The flaw detector has high technical indicators and meets national and European standards;

—The components of the system are of military grade, with high stability, anti-interference and reliability, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and strong ability to find defects;

—All data of the system can be saved, recalled, and output, which is convenient for later traceability;

—The system contains a flaw detection expert system, which can calibrate the equipment on schedule, and then enter the normal working mode after calibration;

—The system is fully automated, without manual intervention.

Technical specifications

Production varieties: various types of passenger car wheel rims

Product specifications:Wheel diameter840mm~920mm

                                       Standard gauge1435mm


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