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After-sales service commitment

Dear user:

Our company is an ISO9001-2015 quality system certification unit, which has been establishing a perfect quality assurance system, in order to fully protect the rights and interests of users, our company’s after-sales service commitments as follow:

1. Provide remote instrument’s operate training for free. If the customer need training on site, the both parties needs to negotiate the training requirement and training cost.

2. The product is provided with a one-year free warranty from the date of sale. (Artificial damage is not included in this scope)

3. The product can be replaced within one month due to the unqualified quality of the product from the date of sale.

4. If the user has a malfunction while using the company’s instrument, after receiving the user’s call or message, our company will respond immediately and provide a solution within 24 hours.

5. Purchasing corresponding accessories other than the company's instruments for users. (If the customer need)

6. According to the local standards or requirements of users, various types of the performance index test and inspection of ultrasonic flaw detector can be certificated.

7. There will be a special staff on duty and reception during holidays

8. After-sales service telephone: +86 027 8705 6069

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