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What is A Phased Array Imaging Ultrasonic Flaw Detector?

Jan. 11, 2021

The phased array imaging ultrasonic flaw detector can individually control the excitation time of each wafer in the phased array probe through software, thereby controlling the angle, focus position and focus size of the generated beam.

Advantages of ultrasonic phased array technology

1. Real-time color imaging, including A/B/C/D and S-scan, is convenient for defect interpretation, and will not misjudge or miss defect;

2. The phased array technology can realize linear scanning, sector scanning and dynamic depth focusing, so that it has the characteristics of wide beam and multi-focus at the same time, so the detection speed can be faster and more accurate;

3. The phased array has higher detection flexibility, and can realize functions that other conventional detection technologies cannot achieve, such as the detection of complex workpieces;

4. It is easy to detect defects in various directions and different positions, with high defect detection rate, wide detection range, high quantitative and positioning accuracy;

5. The scanning device is simple, easy to operate and maintain; it is more convenient to use, no harm to the human body, no pollution to the environment;

6. The test results are less affected by human factors, and the data is easy to store, manage and call, and connect to a computer to print and view. You can also directly connect the mouse to operate on the instrument.

7. It can save a lot of costs. The multi-purpose of a probe + wedge at various angles can automatically generate graphic defect reports. If there is an internal network, you can directly send the quality inspection report to the data center for review.

 HS PA20-Ex Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

HS PA20-Ex Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a phased array flaw detector with 32/128 detection channels, which can solve more complex phased array detection problems, Real-time analysis of inspection data, which is more suitable for ultrasonic inspection requirements of complex structures or materials, Such as electric fusion welding PE pipe, hot melt welding PE pipe; steel skeleton PE pipe electric fusion welding; composite material inspection, etc.

HS PA20-Ex Ultrasonic Flaw Detector can be adapted to 2 groups of TOFD inspection channels, and can scan welds covering 100mm thickness at one time.


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All products of the company adopt optimal materials and are supplemented by first-class manufacturing process to fully comply with the requirements of the latest China's relevant product quality standard, and meet the world's strictest EU standard about ultrasonic nondestructive testing (EN12668-1:2010).If you want to know more about Ultrasonic flaw detector price, please contact us.

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