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Advantages of Phased Array Ultrasonic Automatic Testing Equipment

Jul. 26, 2021

The Bar Inspection System (BIS) is a turnkey solution that uses phased array probes integrated into a fully automated test system to meet stringent quality control standards while maintaining productivity.


Full volume inspection - detects internal and sub-surface defects

Phased array (PA) probes can be programmed to alternate between longitudinal and transverse waves to inspect the volume and subsurface of the rebar. Probes can be positioned and fired to inspect the entire rebar cross-section as it moves through the system.


Probes are grouped in specific diameter/size ranges and bar shapes on the same probe holder (cassette) to help ensure full volume inspection and minimize crosstalk and variation over time. The embedding cassette is equipped with a high-pressure water jet to remove particles and air bubbles from the probe.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Automatic Testing Equipment for Bars

 Phased Array Ultrasonic Automatic Testing Equipment  for Bars

Fast detection, reproducible results

Our high-speed inspection systems are designed to meet the productivity requirements of the metal fabrication industry. These systems meet the highest international quality standards without sacrificing productivity.


Floating head design

The bar passes through a submerged tank containing a floating inspection head. Since the probe is located in a tank with a large amount of undisturbed water, it provides ideal coupling conditions.


The probe is fixed to the floating head and the head dynamically follows the rod. The system keeps the probe perpendicular to the centerline of the bar, despite differences in straightness, helping to ensure accurate, repeatable inspection results, even for small defects.


Automatic calibration

To achieve a thorough inspection, each phased array probe must be calibrated. During calibration, the aperture of each probe is passed through a known defect and the gain level of the probe is automatically adjusted. This feature allows the user to easily perform and verify the precise calibration of each focus law, saving time by not relying on the user's skills.


All probes can be calibrated in one automated sequence

Calibration checks are performed under normal production conditions

Each reference defect is verified to help ensure they are detected above alarm levels

Results are displayed in an easy-to-understand view


Phased array ultrasonic automatic testing equipment for bars is applied to the automatic detection of high value-added medium and small diameter pipes and bars, using electronic scanning to replace mechanical actions, reducing disturbance factors in the detection process, improving detection stability and accuracy, and comprehensively replacing various conventional ultrasonic detection methods.


Advantages of Phased array ultrasonic automatic testing equipment for bars

Simple structure

Fully phased array technology for ultrasonic testing of seamless pipes and bars. The annular concave array probe can cover the seamless pipes and bars with full circumferential sound beams. The use of electronic sound beam rotation instead of mechanical sound beam rotation can greatly improve system stability and equipment service life.



Phased array imaging inspection can have B scan, D scan, S scan, and C scan at the same time, and can build three-dimensional graphics and display defect images through modeling.


Easy to operate

Cooperating with electronic angle deflection, the angle is adjusted by software, and it is easy to change specifications and debug, fully meet the seamless pipe and bar detection standards, reduce mechanical design requirements, reduce debugging time, and improve production efficiency.


More flexible

The phased array can perform dynamic focusing of the sound beam, the focus depth is continuously adjustable, flexible, and convenient, and the sensitivity and resolution are greatly improved.

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