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Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.



What is the value and significance of the existence of enterprises

In 1988, a prototype of the first digital ultrasonic flaw detector was developed in a laboratory of Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics. Taking this as a starting point, Zhongke innovation comes out of the womb. More than 30 years, Zhongke Innovation two generations of management team lead all zhongke people overcome the difficulties, the painstaking effort, successively developed to produce A scan, TOFD, phased array and automatic testing equipment, in the ultrasonic phased array technology, automation technology, cloud detection technology, non-contact detection and the microcosmic application fields such as in-depth study, the company has made a great contributions on further enhance the level of ultrasonic testing equipment technology and promote the development of ultrasonic nondestructive testing technology in our country. And has been widely recognized by the market, the company's scale continues to expand, with today's modern independent office and plant.

We have been thinking, what is the meaning of the existence of Zhongke Innovation company, can bring what kind of value to the society.

Looking back over the past 30 years and well into the future, our position is clear, providing NDT equipment to the market and providing customized solutions; We start with the same intention. NDT work in product and engineering quality monitoring and equipment health monitoring can be made easier by the instruments and solutions we provide, thus making facilities safe to operate and the world safer.

Make testing easier and the world safer; remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind

Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.



The blueprint of a state the enterprise can attain in the future Become the preferred brand of quality testing, to create a century-old nondestructive testing enterprise

Excellent product quality, effective solutions and excellent service capabilities are the foundation for the long-term development of enterprises. Centering on improving quality and building brand, a good standard, a set of good management mode and a good team are formed in the process, which is the support for the survival and development of Innovation of Zhongke.

Demand leading, innovation-driven, widely absorbing the latest research results in the field of non-destructive testing and electronic information in the world, maintaining technological leadership and innovation, enhancing core competitiveness, improving the level of intelligent manufacturing, is the engine of innovation breakthroughs and development of Zhongke Innovation; While pursuing profit, we should create value for the society, actively participate in public welfare undertakings, cultivate the reserve force of the industry, and protect the environment.

We hope to become the first choice brand in the quality testing market and build a century-old nondestructive testing enterprise.



The image, characteristics and value proposition that an enterprise hopes to occupy in the mind of its customers

Superior nondestructive testing equipment and solutions provider

Since its establishment in 1988, the company has been providing stable, reliable and efficient nondestructive testing equipment and customized solutions to help customers in petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, aviation, aerospace, military, energy, automobile, new materials and other industries. This is the original intention of the establishment of the company, but also two generations of people strive for the goal.

Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.


Enterprise slogan

The slogan of a business is the most prominent characteristic of a company and its products

The company is rooted in Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Founded in 1988, it has been more than 30 years since then. This is the foundation of the company.

More than innovation: The company continues to advance in product and solution innovation, and continues to provide the market with cutting-edge, reliable products and solutions; It's the hallmark of the company.

"Zhongke Innovation" is the abbreviation of the company. It is the publicity of the company's brand, which also means that Zhongke Innovation company will not stay in the cradle of its past honor, but advance and grow because of innovation.

Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.


Business philosophy


Leading technology:

continuously provide innovative products and solutions to the market, promote sustainable development, lead the technological trend of the industry, and drive the industry upgrading.



Honesty and integrity, keep promises; Take the road of industrial development, words must be done, action must be done, protect the interests of customers, abide by the spirit of the contract.


High quality and high efficiency:

Rigorous and reasonable process, simple and standard behavior, attention to work details, adhering to the concept of quality first, the pursuit of customer satisfaction.


Enterprising innovation:

Establish innovative incentive mechanism, strengthen employees' self-management, explore employees' potential, improve work performance, and create employee value.

Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.



The principles and rules that the enterprise should follow to be a person, do things, produce products and provide service

Loyalty and responsibility

employees are loyal to their careers, enterprises, positions, dare to take responsibility, and perform their duties faithfully; The enterprise is loyal to the staff, do the partner of the staff's career, depend on the food and clothing in life, light up the stage of life.

Inclusive and open

Put people first, maintain an open mind, encourage different voices, encourage everyone to express their opinions, and allow reasonable attempts; Respect every kind of labor and every person and treat them equally. There are only differences in the division of labor and there is no hierarchy.

Practice earnestly

To build efficient execution, down-to-earth, do the work fine, solid; Result-oriented, no formalism, words and deeds, perfunctory.

Lifelong learning

Embrace change, take the initiative to learn and pursue lifelong learning, constantly enrich and expand professional and technical knowledge, and constantly improve professional competence and management level.

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