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Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

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Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., abbreviated as “ Zhongke Innovation”, is a scientific and technological enterprise and a nondestructive testing equipment manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights. Zhongke Innovation has been committed to providing the market users with various kinds of all-round, efficient, steady, reliable, safe and environment-friendly nondestructive testing solutions and products, and providing special market users with customized personalized services to help the industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, aviation, aerospace, railway, military industry, ship, automobile and new materials to continuously improve technology process, enhance product quality and continue to increase enterprise benefits.

In 1988, Zhongke Innovation adhered to the business concept of “Leading Technology, Integrity-based, High Quality and Efficiency, Progressive Innovation” to take the lead in independently researching, developing and manufacturing China's first digital ultrasonic testing equipment. After about 30 years of continuous innovation and market application, the company now has been developed into the benchmarking enterprise with the most excellent technological innovation capacity, the most powerful enterprise comprehensive strength, the most complete product variety system and the largest application customer group in China's ultrasonic nondestructive testing industry. Moreover, the company has several core product systems which leads the development direction of China's ultrasonic nondestructive testing technology including conventional testing equipment, high-end imaging testing equipment and all kinds of automatic detection equipment to form the whole industry chain layout from portable manual testing product to full automatic detection system and from design, research, development, manufacturing to field installation, debugging and training. The performance indicators of all core testing products have reached international advanced level, and completely conform to the certification standards of EU testing institution.

Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. has passed GB/T1 9001-2000/IS09001 : 2000 and GB/T1 9001-2008/IS09001:2008 international quality management system certifications respectively in 2002 and in 2008. The product design and manufacturing are implemented in strict accordance with international quality standard to guarantee advanced product technology and excellent quality. According to the use characteristics of ultrasonic testing products, high/low temperature, heavy oil and high noise and other bad external service environment, the company adopts several humanized designs to realize simple product operation, accurate testing results and long service life to improve the user's application feeling.

All products of the company adopt optimal materials and are supplemented by first-class manufacturing process to fully comply with the requirements of the latest China's relevant product quality standard, and meet the world's strictest EU standard about ultrasonic nondestructive testing (EN12668-1:2010).

Slogan: Leading Technology; Integrity-Based; High Quality and Efficiency; Progressive Innovation

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